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Exterior Painters in Somerset, KY

Bolton Painting, with a team of expert exterior painters in Somerset, KY is here to meet all your exterior painting needs, so call today!

Exterior Painters in Somerset, KY

Ready to enhance your home’s appearance? Show off your unique style and personality with Bolton Painting, Somerset’s top exterior painting pros. We believe your home should be a reflection of you, and with our personalized design expertise, making it happen has never been easier. Schedule your consultation today and watch your vision come to life!

Finding a painter can feel daunting, but no need to worry! Bolton Painting, Somerset’s exterior painting expert, handles the work for you. We have the necessary tools, high-quality materials, and premium paint to ensure a flawless finish. Leave the stress behind, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with trusting the community’s go-to painters.

Exceptional Painting for Your Somerset Home’s Exterior

Before Bolton Painting starts your exterior painting in Somerset, KY, we will take the time to prepare all surfaces for paint. We pay attention to detail so your paint will last! Bolton Painting doesn’t just paint exteriors in Somerset, we prepare them for lasting quality. Our thorough cleaning process removes hidden contaminants, giving your vinyl or wood siding the perfect foundation for a flawless, long-lasting finish. Skip the peeling later, and choose lasting quality from the start with Bolton Painting.

Benefits of Choosing Bolton Painting for Exterior Painting in Somerset, KY

Working with exterior painters in Somerset, KY, means beautiful color choices and finished results. But that’s not all! Painting your home’s exterior can result in a higher sale price, increased curb appeal, and make your space stand out! 

Consistent colors on your exterior

Our team blends colors, creating a cohesive look that reflects your unique style.

From cozy porches to grand entrances

Whether it’s a rustic wooden deck or a sleek modern space, we craft a finish that enhances your home’s architectural beauty.

No peeling, no fading

We use premium paints and techniques to ensure your investment looks great for years to come with a warranty!

The Go-to Exterior Painters in Somerset, KY

Want to unlock your home’s hidden potential? Choose the experts at Bolton Painting for professional exterior painting in Somerset, KY.

Experience a beautiful exterior paint job and improve your home’s potential. Call 606-416-4634 to schedule a consultation appointment with professional exterior painters in Somerset, KY. 


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